The Services

Living Sound offers several services:

  • Live sound recording
  • Live sound reinforcement
  • On location CD recording
  • Graphic layout for media duplication
  • Photographic services when recording on location
  • Simple video services
  • Post production including restoration and tuning work
  • Overdubs in a controlled acoustic environment

As all projects are different, we customize the equipment for the task at hand. For simple recitals, it's possible to record direct to 2 track DSD, which offers the highest possible sound quality achievable today. Some large concerts require more tracks to get a good sound balance and for those rigs we can accommodate up to 30 simultaneous tracks for recording and live sound.

However, larger is not always better. Some of your favorite classical recordings were made with only a few microphones! Sometimes less is more. Please don't hesitate contacting us for a quote on your next performance!

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