About Living Sound

Since the start of the company, it's been a small operation. Living Sound records music and sound on location primarily around Stockholm, Sweden. It's run by Mats Helgesson and depending on the event extra, assistance is hired on project basis. The company targets residential and corporate customers that look for a high degree of service and not the least, very good sound quality. The equipment used is of very high calibre and is optimized for every event.

We offer several on-location recording kits which are suited to different tasks. An orchestra with a choir and soloists have different needs than a single pianist looking for a recital recording or a jazz trio that needs sound reinforcement. We're glad to be able to provide the service required by the task at a competetive price, never sacrificing quality.

All post production is made in a studio with controlled acoustics, necessary for critical mixing decisions.

Living Sound records exclusively digitally and uses equipment from Lavry Engineering, RME Audio, Neumann Microphones, Microtech Gefell, Sennheiser, Earthworks Audio among others.

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